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Pulps and Trades

The Sugar Creek Gang Flies to Cuba (Eerdmans Publishing, 1944), a distinctly Christian-themed adolescentliterature book involving the clipper was written byevangelist Paul Hutchens.  As part of the
thirty-six volume fictional series involving the Sugar Creek gang, this story recounts how the boys travel
to Cubatodiscover and the save the twin brother of their benefactor, Old Man Paddler. 

While there they stay both inHavana and at a mission where they encounter what seems to be a madman who rides around in a cart pulled bya goat.  Thestory contains common motifs of this genre, including the boys’ developing a secret language,stereotyped opposites, and typical “boy” behavior mitigatedby moral pronouncements.  The cover art shows the boys boarding an S-42 clipper on their way to Cuba.  The series still is being published, although it has been modernized for the jet age.  It is frequently offered as a faith-building book by religious bookstores and has been used by the Bible Broadcasting Network for radio broadcast.

Book cover for 'The Sugar
Creek Gang Flies to Cuba'
by evangelist Paul Hutchens.