Just as there are great links to sites for those interested in popular culture, there are also many fine Pan American Airways/Pan American World Airways links that share everything from historical information, tales from the past, to discussions.  Just a sampling of these sites follows.


Pan Am Historical Foundation (Site)
The Pan Am Historical Foundation, founded by former administrators, employees, and friends of Pan Am, is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Pan American World Airways, and its e-magazine is filled with reliable clipper information.

Flying Clippers (Site) aims to recreate the days of Pan American Airways and their Fabulous Flying Ships and aviation’s Golden Age 1934-1946. Here you will learn about the 28 planes that changed the way we travel and think about the world. Includes information on the China Clipper and Boeing B-314 and a shop for related items.

Pan Am Archives at the Otto G. Richter Library (Site)
For serious researchers, thanks to the Pan Am Historical Foundation and the University of Miami, the Otto G. Richter Library now holds the Pan American World Airways archives in the library’s special collections.

Pan Am Air (Site)
This is another site dedicated to preserving the history of the China clippers and contains an active message board.

Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association (Site)
This link will take you to the home page of the PCAA and ACA, the main scholarly organizations examining popular culture.  The sites gives information on their publications and conferences.

American Air Mail Society (Site)
This link gives access to the history of air mail in the United States, AAMS publications, and other interesting facets of air mail.

Pan American Clipper 1935 (Video)
This link gives short clips from a video of the original Sikorsky clipper that pioneered air routes across the Pacific in 1935..

The Flying Lindbergh (Site-Biography)
Since Lindbergh helped design Pan American Airways Clippers, tried out experimental routes across the oceans for PAA, and piloted some of PAA’s first flights, this illustrated official site for his biography gives insight into his life as well as offering an active message board.

Nick Grant Adventures (Historical Fiction Trilogy & Site)
Jamie Dodson began writing in earnest his trilogy in 2002. He is a career intelligence officer and started researching his Pan Am Flying Boat trilogy while stationed in Hawaii in 1982. His novels are extremely accurate in terms of events and supporting characters. They reflect the clandestine espionage war that existed between the United States and Japan prior to World War Two. Nick Gant and his family, Leilani and her family, and Mac are fictional. However, everyone else and the major events exist  in the historical record.