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To order The China Clipper, Pan American Airways and Popular Culture, you can order it directly from the publisher or any reputable bookseller.  The publisher and some major booksellers are listed in the links below.  Simply click on the link to find ordering information.


McFarland & Company Inc.
McFarland & Company, Publishers, Inc., produces fine scholarly research and library books.  It is one of the preeminent presses in the field of popular culture.  Because of the wide-ranging readership due to the varied subject matter of the book for both a general and specialized audience, this is one of the first McFarland books to use extensive black-and-white and colored plates., perhaps the largest online book distributor, makes it easy to order the book and gives you the chance to create your own review of the book and to read what others have to say about it.

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble also gives you a chance to order the book and write your own review of it.  The book can also be purchased off the shelves or ordered through any of its outlet stores.

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