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The Clipper as Military Icon

Just as Clipper images were used to support troops in World War II, the tradition continues. With war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii, Inc., features a clipper on its promotions for its “Buy a Cup O' Joe for a Soldier” program at People can donate a bag of coffee to a soldier overseas for the cost of the bag, with the company picking up the shipping and any additional costs. The image for the promotional material for the program is based on Paul George Lawler's famous clipper poster of the 1930s showing the peaks of Moorea and his version of the Boeing 314. The silhouettes of soldiers have replaced Lawler's reclining native girl, and the clipper bears the Bad Ass logo as it wings “Coffee with an Attitude” to the troops in the belief that “No one should have to drink bad coffee: especially our soldiers.”

Bad Ass Coffee Promotion 2007